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Review: Chibi Robo

Posted May-17 2007 by ron
For Gamecube, runs on Wii, optional 60Hz mode

So how are these rewards rewarding? First off, if you amass enough happy points the company that made you will send a battery upgrade. As every step and every action takes a small amount of energy, a higher battery capacity allows you to stray farther from the wall outlets you use to recharge. You can afford to go farther and/or make more mistakes along the way before running dry.

Recharging at a wall outlet

Robotting around uses power, so Chibi Robo must regularly recharge. We'd also like to point out that the cable there on the left can be climbed.

Power is also subtracted whenever you take damage from a fall, or from an enemy. Even though there is no way to lose the game in Chibi Robo, running out of power means you will collapse and be carried back to the "Chibi House", your cozy little base of operations on the living room floor. You keep all you have gained, but it probably took a while to ascend all the way onto a cupboard high up in a room, and it might also take a minute or two to even enter the room, so being brought back to the starting point is already enough of a punishment.

Inside the Chibi House

This is how the Chibi House looks on the inside. We are just making a ladder out of some scrap metal.

Moolah allows you to buy some tools which you cannot find in the house, such as a little rotor in Chibi's head, or a gun. These things are available for purchase in the Chibi House. The rotor helps you reach more places quite obviously, and the gun, besides its application as a weapon, allows you to open up some semi-secret passages.

Floating across some boxes with the rotor

The rotor allows Chibi Robo to float across small gaps. Chibi can't jump, so the rotor is essential for thorough exploration.

And finally scrap metal can be "recycled" into teleporters and ladders. While the teleporters are completely stationary, the ladders can be moved around inside a room and adjusted to reach yet higher places, or at least to give you quicker access to a place you could already reach before, somehow.

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