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Preview: Devil May Cry 3

Posted Jul-27-2007 by ron
For PS2, runs fine on PS3, optional 60Hz mode

Oh it's that dude again! The exploits of gun-slinging, sword-singing half-demon rockstar Dante have proven successful enough for Capcom to grow them into a healthy franchise with big production budgets.
After getting our feet wet with the first Devil May Cry game, and skipping out part two due to overwhelming external influence, the next logical step is Devil May Cry 3. And just to make sure: there is absolutely no indication anywhere on our copy that it is the Special Edition, so we'll have to assume that it isn't, though we hear that would be the recommended version if you intend to pick it up.


More like a week for us.

The good news about Devil May Cry 3 is that everything that made the first game so enjoyable lives on in this third part. The game is still all about its deep and challenging combat system that somehow manages to draw an enormous complexity out of very few possible actions, a system that shuns elaborate canned combos in favor of free-form mayhem.

Six enemies surround Dante

In the good tradition of the series, you will always be fighting lots of enemies simultaneously, except for proper boss encounters.

The other good news about Devil May Cry 3 is that there really is no bad news. Compared to part 1, everything is just scaled up and more polished. Our criticism about heavy reuse of assets does not fit at all for part three. The game is large and serves up many different environments. There are still lots of boss battles, but now every one of them is something unique, and not just in graphics but also in play.

A fight against spiders

Enemy variety is much greater in DMC3 than it was in DMC1. We still see the classic scythe-wielders and wraiths, but there are many new types. Take these spiders for example …

The game now makes it much easier to switch weapons. Instead of going through the menus to select a different weapon (yeah, we know about the single exception), Devil May Cry 3 maps L2 to a gun toggle and R2 to a melee weapon toggle, so you can change your load-out mid-combo, mid-air, whenever, seamlessly. There's a strategic element to this, because you must preselect two of each weapon type at the start of the mission. The rest of your arsenal will be unavailable until you switch your loadout again at one of the few upgrade statues in the game world, or at the end of the mission.

Strangely formed creatures

… and these … things, hurling their projectile weapons at us.

Speaking of which, the mission structure itself has seen a welcome overhaul. This is still a very linear game, and these missions are really just levels with a performance rating and an opportunity to save your game tacked onto an almost arbitrary endpoint.
However, in Devil May Cry 3 you can replay any mission as often as you want instead of going on to the next mission. For one this allows you to farm red orbs, which are used to purchase certain upgrades and useful items. It also improves the whole secret-mission element: if you can't do something right away you can let it rest for a while and come back after advancing the primary game a bit more, maybe getting another weapon that will make the secret mission easier.

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