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Medidations on Resistance 2 co-op #1: the medic


you all know how much I love you, and yet I feel misunderstood at times. I feel we have come to a point in our relationship where I need to know that ongoing issues will be adressed, because I want to stay with you for the long haul.

I am your medic. I am a support class, and yet I am somewhat self-sufficient: I have some offensive capabilities that always work, without needing ammo. I can absorb health from enemies to heal myself and do paltry and yet reliable damage, and I can heal you in times of need. I can fire healing orbs across long distances if need be, and they instantly fix everyone inside a certain radius. I know you all love being healed. However, you must know that my capacity of healing orbs is finite, and our mutual success hinges upon our close cooperation. Did you know that it takes about five seconds of sustained attacking to restore just one charge of my healing gun?

Dear soldier,

your responsibility is not just to do damage, but to absorb damage, into your shield and into yourself, and thus protect the team that keeps you going. Being in front, it is your privilege to choose where we go and when, and your team will always attempt to follow. But thus it is also your responsibility to gauge the risks we all are taking with you. Please refrain from rushing. Please try to not get surrounded and killed. Please keep your shield up so the rest of us can follow you closely. Our mutual friend spec ops will keep your ammo supplies high, and I will care for your wounds, but we can't do any of that if we're all dead together.

Dear spec ops,

you are perpetually torn between dealing damage precisely and at long range, looking cool, and not least restocking your comrades. It is laudable that you focus your attention on the soldier class, as keeping his shield functional is a definite priority, but please also bless me with an ammo package every now and then. I don't need them to fire my health absorption gun, but ammo packs are the fastest way to refill my capacity to heal, and indeed the only way to refill it fast enough. It's also always delightful when I find a grenade or two in my belongings, especially when swarmed. I can carry hedgehogs and carbine secondary charges, but I spawn with zero of both. Only you can increase that number.

Dear all,

Another thing that concerns me is how headstrong you rush forward and then feel all too free to call my name just after you inevitably get yourself killed. It is as if you attempt to purge all possible blame from yourself. In actuality, I always know exactly what you need and when, due to helpful on-screen indicators, and there's no reason to call me, nor is it effective. I don't recognize your voice anyway. If I don't heal you right away, it's not because I don't know of your need. It's because I got tied up bailing out yet another comrade who took too many risks. If I keep fighting at the front lines, it's not because I misunderstand my role. It's because my healing gun ran dry and I desperately need to recharge. And should I ever refuse to revive you, be certain that it's not out of spite, but because you've rushed right into a wave of enemies, and to approach your corpse would only mean my own certain death. I know that waiting out a respawn is hardly a satisfying experience. What you should take away from it though is not first and foremost "I need to try harder to grab the attention of a medic", but perhaps rather "I need to more carefully manage my risk taking", at least some of the time.

I try hard, and I give it all for you. Please do not doubt my good intentions. I do take risks to compensate for the foolishness of my comrades, because I want us to thrive and succeed either way. If I don't get restocked, I can still regain healing charges, albeit slowly, by attacking, and I will of course dispense them to anyone who needs them as fast as I can. This however requires that we all stick close together, to minimize time spent running back and forth between multiple wings of the team, or even the occasional lone wolf. I can cope with one or the other, neglect in restocking or broken formation, but be advised that I cannot cope with the combination of both. As much as I would like to, it's regrettably not possible.

Feel free to put yourself in my shoes for a match or two. Notice the on-screen indicators. Notice how little damage I can take. Notice the limitations placed on healing. Notice the danger incurred by reviving comrades that have fallen right at the front lines. Notice how a single healing charge can heal many comrades as long as they are inside a certain radius. Notice how much more effective my work gets when we're close together.

Help me help you get through this. Know that proximity is key. Form up. Stick together.
Thank you.


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