ron, Aug-31 2008

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You may have noticed that on Friday an NES version of the venerable classic Dig Dug and a cute 2D platformer have popped up on the Wii Shop Channel, alongside the WiiWare releases. I noticed that, too, but only yesterday. On Friday I was busy-busy with work-work and didn't even check. Such shame.
This is as good an opportunity as any to announce some changes in the way that I will approach these regular Wii Shop Channel releases going forward. I didn't originally intend to let this coincide with such a gaffe on my part, but what can you do. Good thing I already begun with it last Friday, which I can now point to as evidence that I'm not making up excuses as I go along :-)

You may have noticed that this site has been more or less my personal blog, albeit strictly for topics related to gaming. I do this in my spare time, and I like doing most of it, so I don't particularly mind the fact that the site is, and since inception has been, the exact opposite of profitable. It's great just getting stuff out of my system, and I know some of you have been at least mildly entertained on one occasion or another. I will definitely keep doing reviews and the odd frontpage tidbit whenever I deem the review structure prohibitive for what I want to say. I also like to believe that the collection of reviews under (hopefully, I honestly try) near constant standards can be a useful archive-ish service to come back to.

What I'm honestly not enjoying all that much is sifting through every single VC release. It's a tall order for one person with a small time budget. When I see how even pro writers such as Jeremy Parish just gave up eventually, I don't feel particularly bad about my own brooding desire to do the same.
I still love the Virtual Console. I think it's the best feature of this console generation by far, even despite being consistently too expensive. At the same time, it's also a system that is brimming with cruft, with games that aren't simply outdated but never were more than sloppy money-grabs. Those have always existed, and I just don't enjoy spending time with them, time I have to take away from something else, only to produce a few sentences of summary.
What I want to do is let things of lesser relevance just slide and use the extra time to focus on the more noteworthy games, to provide better, more elaborate coverage, maybe get some screen captures up in a timely fashion, or even get cracking on some much-needed improvements to the technical aspects of the site. Any and either of those I feel would provide more value to all parties involved than me tiring my poor old self in a scramble to check off as many b- and c-list items as possible. Yay for quality over quantity.

That's the plan. It should make all of us happier, in a happy way.
If you require full rundowns of every single VC release, and you didn't know the place yet, I'd like to point you to, which is run by an actual staff, one that does a good job get blurbs, media and reviews up in a timely fashion. I often disagree with their idea of fun gaming, but they deserve big props for valiantly fighting the fight that I alone cannot.

In other news, Dig Dug is good, and that's also why it's so famous, but it's way too expensive. Even though lesser known, that platformer is a much wiser way to spend 600 points.
Care you take, until soonish.


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