ron, Jul-11 2008

Sputtering VC Friday

Oh, Virtual Console games! Nintendo got around to releasing another two today.

Art Of Fighting II

Another one-on-one fighter for the NeoGeo. Just like the first part, there's little to see here besides the huge sprites, because the gameplay follows the tried and true standards to the t. It's big, colorful, and the names were changed. Otherwise it's just Street Fighter.

Ninja Commando

A top-down on-foot shooter, kind of, for the NeoGeo. Your main dude (or dudes and dudette, when playing co-op) somehow send forth huge spreads of laser fire out of their mouths, which proves quite useful to wash away enemies, vehicles, doors, fences, boulders, and end-level bosses that dare cross your path.

Ninja Commando is just slightly bad. Its looks are its greatest strength, while the gameplay is just trashy. For one, the biggest threat to your health is your own haste, because the screen will only scroll forward, but never backward. Thus you can lock yourself into traps and ambushes simply by advancing, and the game exploits this gratuitously.
Also, you are actually expected to mash that fire button as fast as you can, all the time.
Those annoyances aside, it's somewhat functional, not too unfair, and there's lots to see. I'd recommend you stay away from this one a little.

Art Of Fighting II belongs in the bin labelled "unnecessary". There is no time and place for yet another half-baked fighter that was already mediocre when it first came out. If you want it retro, there are already so many superior choices (King Of Fighters, Samurai Shodown and of course you-know-which-one, the one that always comes up), but then, unlike many other genres that have since withered and died, there's no absolute necessity to go retro to begin with. One-on-one fighters are still being made, and they haven't changed all that drastically. Soul Calibur II can handily replace this one at least, and lots of others too, and the next Soul Calibur and Street Fighter sequels are alredy on the way.

Summary: ach, nah, not this time.


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