ron, Feb-02 2008

Mind-bending VC Friday

The Virtual Console has seen many weeks with just one game release lately, but after getting just a different version of an already released game last Friday, almost anything could be seen as an improvement. Technically speaking, this game was released yesterday on the Wii Shop Channel. I'm running late. Apologies.

Adventures Of Lolo 2

A sequel!
It may look almost identical to the first Adventures Of Lolo, but it is by all means a new game, with all new levels. The old concept remains the same: in this, what we like to call, 2D action puzzle for the NES, you control your little blob-shaped blue hero through a sequence of mazes, or obstacle courses rather, and try to reach the exit. There are enemies with very specific attack and movement patterns which you will have to exploit to defeat them. You can push blocks around, and earn charges for your "magic" attack.
Adventures Of Lolo 2 is an advanced continuation of the first game, where the puzzles are much more difficult right from the beginning, and speed is a bigger requirement (due to you having to solve puzzles while disturbed by roaming enemies much more regularly).

Adventures Of Lolo 2 is a smart, cuddly, satisfying puzzle game, and we don't have many of those on the Virtual Console yet, so it stands proud and uncontested as a recommendation. Adventures Of Lolo 1 has a few very difficult stages, but starts out more mild, which makes it easier to learn its tricks initially. However, I think Lolo 2 can still be deciphered well enough, and I have no problem recommending it as the first (and perhaps only) one you get between the two.

Summary: Lolo 2 for you!


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