ron, Jan-18 2008

Screaming VC Friday

On this unusually warm January, between the sounds of agitated birds drinking rain from their silverware on the roof, yet two more Virtual Console games have flown into this precinct on the Wii Shop Channel plane.

Riot Zone

A sidescrolling brawler for the TurboGrafx. You will control yet another manly man who visits hordes of multi-colored thugs in their natural habitat (streets, subways and the like), and then beats them all to pulp with his fists and an overpowered jumping kick. Small, happy combos come out if you mash a button for a while, and enemies can also be thrown.

1080 Snowboarding

Here we have a downhill-racing-with-tricks game for the N64. Players must find the optimal routes down the hill to be as fast as possible while pulling off as many tricks as possible. Different game modes let you focus on one or the other aspect.
1080 notably features what is quite possibly the worst vocal track in any videogame ever, both technically and artistically.

1080 is a competent game for its time, but it is in a genre that has seen much further development, which makes it obsolete now. It would make more sense to buy its Gamecube sequel (all Gamecube games run on the Wii), and if you're willing to stray a bit farther from the original, there are loads of modern alternatives, such as SSX Blur or even one of the fifty million Tony Hawk games.
Riot Zone is a lot like Final Fight or the Streets Of Rage saga (we recommend part 2 for starters), but fails to match them in terms of challange and variety. There aren't even weapon pickups. The aforementioned better games would thus be recommended instead of Riot Zone.

Summary: skip them both.


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