ron, Nov-30 2007

Predictable VC Friday

Life can be made a whole lot easier by simple observation and logic. Here are a couple of examples:
When you find frost in your coffee maker in the morning, you know that the summer is over.
When it's a Friday, you know there will be new Virtual Console games on the Wii Shop Channel.
And … oh wow! It is Friday!

Dynastic Hero

This sidescrolling action platforming/RPG hybrid for the TurboGrafx might cause some deja vus. That's because it's a port of Wonderboy In Monster World, which came out in May, with new sprite graphics, new music and story changes, but minimal gameplay differences.
So you still control your hero in the making across moving platforms and bottomless pits, fight enemies with sword and shield, collect the money they drop and use that to buy equipment upgrades.
It's still a fine, varied, substantial adventure, but you most likely don't need both versions.

Baseball Stars 2

Baseball! This NeoGeo rendition wraps its simple yet effective gameplay with layers upon layers of personality and cinematic presentation. It manages to pack in a lot of impressive graphics and animations without slowing down the pace of the game, though.
The game is extended with a few power-ups that make the game somewhat more strategic, even though they are of course completely unrealistic.

Dynastic Hero is a sure recommendation for anyone looking for a substantial game unless they already own Wonderboy In Monster World. The overall tone of Dynastic Hero is a bit more heavy, more serious, but that's a matter of preference really. The music is far and beyond the original though, plus there's a 60Hz mode, so if you have neither we'd say Dynastic Hero is the one to get.
Baseball Stars 2 is probably as good as it gets for baseball games. In terms of gameplay depth it's approximately where modern, current-gen 3D baseball games are now, but with none of the aggravating, superfluous delays these games readily insert into the gamplay flow, just to more closely resemble what real-world baseball looks on tv. Here, take the usual sports game disclaimer: it has little structure. It's not going to last you long if you play alone.
The game is recommended to anyone who understands that.

Summary: both are good games.


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