ron, Nov-23 2007

In Samus we trust

Nothing is worse for review output than getting caught up in multiple big RPGs simultaneously. After Vagrant Story completely fizzled out on me, I find myself going back and forth between Etrian Odyssey and Final Fantasy XII, and as anyone who played either will readily attest, these games are long and bulky. While Etrian Odyssey is just a slow-burning grinding festival (but that's okay, the highly customizable character growth system makes up for it), FF XII motivates players to get side-tracked in ways I have never experienced before. It's probably a question of how one approaches the game (main quest first vs side-quests whenever possible), but I find myself close to being burned out on it already, and I've been told that I'm not even half-way through. It's a good game in many ways, but perilous to completionists.

Fortunately, a much needed refreshment dropped out of the local mail receptacle a short while ago: Metroid Prime 3.

In Prime 3, we again find ourselves exploring strange alien architecture while finding upgrades that allow us to blast the opposition to bits more efficiently and to open new routes through the environment.

As it turns out, these are some of the best twenty-something hours you can spend on the Wii right now, this side of Super Mario Galaxy, but to be fair, the two games stroke very different kinds of taste bud. The true conoisseur will want them both.
Let's just say it's not just "awesome", whatever that means anymore, but it actually surpasses both of its predecessors, easily. It's huge, it's intensive, and it fixes all of Metroid Prime 1 and 2's design problems. But then "fixing" is such a crude word to describe what Retro has done. If you all behave, my full review might come out this weekend.

Until then you may want to oogle at the 46 Metroid Prime 3 screenshots I have already uploaded, and while we're at it, take the same kind of a glance at the 32 screenshots of FF XII as well.
Still on the same topic, there are another four as-of-yet unannounced galleries that you might have missed: Ico, Shadow Of The Colossus, Enchanted Arms and Vagrant Story. You want to see them. No, you really do.


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