ron, Sep-21 2007

Vampiric VC Friday

'gmorning. This week's Friday slammed another three Virtual Console games onto a European Wii Shop Channel near you. We observe with disdain and a pout that Nintendo continues to overcharge NES games: both in this week's selection cost 600 points, instead of the usual (and already steep we must say) 500 points. Boo Nintendo! Boo!

Ninja Gaiden

This fast paced side-scrolling action platformer already contains many familiar elements of its current offsprings: slice with swords, throw shuriken or unleash magic special attacks to cut through hordes of agile enemies and tough bosses. If you have played Shinobi, it's somewhat similar, and not just by starring ninjas, but it transplants the action into a more modern urban setting.

Ninja JajaMaru-kun

Another ninja action game, but here we're dealing with much more heavy platforming and evading enemies instead of decimating them. The game is very simple, no magic, no boss fights, but instead of the familiar open side-scrolling levels this one is of a particularly old school that is based on "rooms" where you often have to be on a certain platform level to progress.

World Class Baseball

A TurboGrafx baseball game with straight-forward controls, nice team customization and multiplayer support. Bat, run, get really angry etc.

We have to keep a vehement "no" stance for World Class Baseball. It's as acceptable as it gets, but it's surpassed in every possible way by any baseball game released on this side of Y2K.
Ignore Ninja JajaMaru-kan. It's really primitive and hideous even for an NES game. We can't say anything nice about it we're afraid.
Ninja Gaiden is really good though. It's no wonder that the franchise is still alive and well. It's one hell of a ride and a good game rolled into one. Get it … if you think Nintendo should get away with charging 1€ more than usual this one time that is. Just be careful not to let them have too much.


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