ron, Aug-03 2007

It has been seven months

Oh really? Time for another infrastructure overhaul. We have polished up our game list system to make it easier for us to extend in a consistent fashion, and to also give each entry its own small dedicated page, for those who prefer exploring such lists one item at a time. For games that have their own image gallery, these individual pages will also contain one of those images chosen at random. E.g. try the page for Metroid Prime 2. We have also just gone through all of our old postings, and added almost every game we ever spoke about here to that list, bringing the tally up to 78 from the previous 32.

Speaking of galleries, we have finally gotten around to uploading our screenshots of Legend Of The Mystical Ninja.

Goemon is not amused
The rest of them are, of course, in the gallery.


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