ron, Aug-31 2007

Excite VC Friday

It's the usual Friday drill: another trickle of VC games is now available on the Wii's Shop Channel. And if you don't run away now, we'll tell you what we think about them.

Bonk 3: Bonk's Big Adventure

The bold little caveman comes back, mostly unchanged, for a third TurboGrafx adventure. Bonk 3 keeps its basic side-scrolling action-platformer style, and bonk still defeats anything that needs defeating by hitting it with his forehead, in diving or rising motions as necessary. He also still collects food to become more enraged, and can use his teeth to climb high ledges.
New in this part are size-changing power ups, alá New Super Mario Bros, and a wide range of mini-game bonus stages, to which you must earn admission by playing well inside the proper levels.

Vegas Stakes

Multiple gambling avenues (craps, roulette, blackjack and slots) are combined here with a proper single-player adventure of sorts. There are characters you can interact with hanging out in the casino, some friendly, some not so much and parts of that are randomized.
There's also a multiplayer mode which additionally features poker.

We'd recommend Bonk 3 to most people, even those who start to feel saturated with 2D platformers, because Bonk really controls differently enough to stand out from the crowd. If you played and hated, for whatever reason, one of the earlier Bonk games, it's safe to say that you won't like this one either. Otherwise it's worth giving a shot. So the next time some old Sega fan recommends a Sonic game to you, get Bonk instead, and tell them, just to spite them (they deserve it).
Vegas Stakes is interesting for a gambling game. Not that you couldn't get all of these games as a free flash game somewhere, and then some, but having a single-player story that ties it all together is unusual, in a good way. We'd still say you can safely pass this one up, but we can appreciate the effort.


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