ron, Aug-24 2007

Convential VC Friday

Like Gaming Conventional. Leipzig anyone? Geddit? Huh?
In any case, there are some new Virtual Console games available right now on the European Shop Channel. Go.

Wrecking Crew

We called for more puzzle games, and here we get them.
In wrecking crew, Mario must tear down buildings by destroying walls and ladders while dodging enemies and hazards. Its stages are presented in a side perspective, and due to the magic of gravity, you must be careful not to close off your path by destroying things in the wrong order. Your primary sources of destruction are your hammer and convenient explosives.


This substantial top-down action adventure with dungeons scattered throughout a non-linear overworld shares more than just a passing resemblence with The Legend Of Zelda. Coincidence? Probably not. So you fight enemies with sword and shield, bomb holes in walls to uncover secret rooms and pick up a Triforce piecemedallion after defeating each dungeon's boss.

Lunar Pool

With its unusual table designs this is more of a cross-breed between minigolf and pool. Its controls may have been par for the course (harhar!) back when, but feel imprecise today, due to the low resolution of not just the graphics but also of the angles you can select and the collisions.

So Neutopia's a total knock-off, but still, the art is quite nice, it can keep you engrossed for a good while, and if you crave more Zelda-style gaming there's little harm in giving it a whirl. Just make sure you take your fill of the original (and maybe part #3, A Link To The Past) first.
Wrecking Crew is a great action puzzle. We have been asking for more of this, and that's because we like such games. As such we have to recommend this, too. As for the order between Neutopia and Wrecking Crew, that's simple: Wrecking Crew is casual-friendly and lends itself well to short bursts of play; Neutopia isn't and doesn't, but ultimately gives a grander feeling of accomplishment. That should be enough for you to make the correct decision between these two.
Lunar Pool can safely be skipped. If you want something zany and creative, play Kirby's Dream Course. If OTOH you just want a reasonable pool game, get Wii Play, it includes one. Lunar Pool does nothing particularly well we're afraid.

 Dear Nintendo Of Europe,
 Super Metroid. Now.



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