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VC class-action Friday

We would moan and whine about how American PSN users can now purchase Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night while we can't, if it weren't for a readily available distraction. And it is, of course, the Wii Shop Channel where, in the good old tradition of European Fridays, new Virtual Console games have just been released.

Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting

What can we say about the most important 2D one-on-one fighting game ever? This is even the version you want, out of the many rereleases this game has seen. It's fast, it's deep, it's challenging, and the balance between the twelve fighters is excellent.

Silent Debuggers

You race against the clock through a maze and shoot up as many enemies as you can. The significant thing about Silent Debuggers is the presentation though: the shooting and futuristic maze-crawling is performed from a first-person perspective, no small feat for the TurboGrafx. If you have crawled and shot enough, you will have to "hack" into something to deactivate the self-destruct countdown – hence the earlier race against the clock –, and that will be easier the more enemies you offed.

If you have some people to play competitive multiplayer matches with, and none of you are afraid of difficult games, Street Fighter II is what you have been waiting for.
If you're looking for a game you can play alone, you should probably skip it. The single-player content is best regarded as training for multiplayer competition against human players, not as a full entertainment package in itself.
Silent Debuggers should be passed. It's certainly interesting just for being so ambitious, but it has not held up well at all. You'll be familiar with all of its elements, and you can find them in much better games. We'd recommend getting a more current rail-shooter or even a bog-standard first/third-person shooter instead of Silent Debuggers. Heck, any Resident Evil game offers the shooting-stuff-under-pressure thing, but without the strict time limit.

So Silent Debuggers can't get our recommendation. Street Fighter II is a niche interest, even though it is the benchmark game for that niche, so if you have any doubts about yourself playing a one-on-one fighter, you can skip it. You should really use this weekend to continue your adventure with Paper Mario, and if that hasn't even started yet, go and fix that as soon as possible.


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