ron, Jul-11-2007

Asleep at the wheel

Wake up, Europe! We all know that E3 is taking place right now, and Sony made a promise to have us covered via its online service. And it looks like they deliver, as so far no less than eighteen video trailers have come out of it, available for download on the PSN … but of course that's only if you have your American-resident fake account handy. Otherwise you won't notice one thing. And trust us when we say that there are some things you want to notice.

Update (Thursday, 18:40 GMT):
We'd like to congratulate our local SCEE overlords for finally getting five of the trailers that have been available elsewhere onto the European PSN. Of particular note is a 1080p trailer for Wipeout HD, because it doesn't appear to be available on the USA PSN yet. We didn't check yet, but we have a feeling that Go! Sports Ski is the same game as Feel Ski, so that doesn't count as an exclusive. A secondary nice touch is the starter pack (read: heavily restricted demo) of Nucleus.


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