ron, Jun-15-2007

Rainy VC Friday

F-Zero X

We love F-Zero GX, and this earlier N64 iteration delivers almost the same excellent high-speed racing experience. F-Zero X is of course a step down on the graphics side, and is missing GX's deep vehicle customization, so we have to say its sequel is the overall more desirable game, but even if you have GX (and like it), F-Zero X offers enough new material to add it to your arsenal.


Back when genre boundaries where still bubbles of liquid methane, games like J.J. & JEFF would be called action adventures, and we'd like to leave it at that, but alas. Besides being a 2D exploration/combat-type deal, the game involves lots of Japanese toilet humor. If that makes you chuckle, more power to you, but we feel the actual gaming aspect is severely underdeveloped.

Do ignore J.J. & JEFF please.
F-Zero X is almost a must-have. It's difficult, but fair and rewarding, and we'd recommend it to everyone who can at all tolerate arcade racers. It's biggest problem is its superior Gamecube sequel F-Zero GX. If you don't have GX, stop hesitating already.


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