ron, Jun-29-2007

Low-carb VC Friday

Some things just don't change. Yet again it is time for new Virtual Console games on the Wii Shop channel.

Kirby's Dream Course

It's Kirby's quirky combat billiard puzzle. We know everybody else claims it's golf, but they are wrong. The objective really isn't to hit the hole in as few strokes as possible, but rather to eliminate all enemies. You do that by lining up a series of crafty trick-shots (power and spin controls will be at your service), using the sympathetic pink hero-balloon as your cue ball.
Kirby can as usual also absorb the abilities of whatever he eats, so you can clear inconvenient pits by becoming a parasol.

Bloody Wolf

Some run, some gun, and this does both. This game looks like somewhat of a middle ground between Golden Axe and Super Probotector – if you think that's an awful idea you're wrong –, i.e. you control your little guy running from left to right in what looks like a side perspective, but actually is a top-down perspective, and mow down plenty of opposition, only in this case you do it with guns. There are also extra weapons and grenades, and vehicles to add more options to the gameplay. Tough boss fights and pretty good presentation, too.

Both of these games are quite substantial and great. Kirby's Dream Course might as well be fantastic, but that's probably our own fondness of the graphical style. We'd still make it the first recommendation, for the simple reason that it's so unique.
Bloody Wolf is a pretty good deal as well, challenging, with lots of things going on and just the right amount of depth.
Even though we give a slight extra nod to Kirby's Dream Course, this week it's pleasantly safe to go simply with the one that appeals to you, going by the in-store screenshots and description. Neither is a trap. You'll get your points' worth whatever you choose.


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