ron, Jun-22-2007

Darth VC Friday

It's that time of the week again. It's Friday morning over Europe, ergo there are some fresh Virtual Console games available on the Wii Shop Channel.

China Warrior

An early TurboGrafx brawler in the vein of Altered Beast, but much better (and with an obviously more eastern theme). There are more different attacks you can perform and the game rewards skillful play a lot more, which we of course find appreciable.

Mega Man

You control a jumping, shooting, climbing little robot who sets out to beat some other (mad/evil/etc) robots with special powers, which you can then absorb as your own for use as special attacks. To get to these guys though you must first conquer their specific stages, which are devious excercises in precise jumping and dodging.
You can select which level you want to try next, and in turn which special power you will add to your arsenal, should you manage to beat the level of course. This freedom actually matters in Mega Man because most bosses are easier to beat if you have a specific special attack from another boss available to you.

China Warrior is not a broken game, it works well, but it's still stuck somewhere in the realms of mediocrity – being much better than Altered Beast just isn't saying much in more absolute terms.
Mega Man on the other hand is a definite classic. Its stylized presentation has aged quite well and its gameplay formula is still healthy as well. It's also very hard though. There's a health bar alright, so not every contact with an enemy will be an instant death, but there are still lots of opportunities for these when you get knocked off a platform into some spikes or similar.
We recommend it to everyone looking for a real, substantial game. It's totally worth playing through. Just be warned that you'll die trying a few times more than you might be used to.

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