ron, Jun-08-2007

Colorful VC Friday

Friday again! And three more Virtual Console games appear on the European Wii shop channel.

Dead Moon

A horizontal shmup with lots and lots of boss fights, excellent art and a nifty upgrade system, where weapon upgrades double up as protection. That makes it somewhat forgiving, and in turn quite accessible.

Balloon Fight

You float around suspended on two balloons, like the evil guys you dodge and attack. You can pop the balloons to make them drop. The game does not go much further than that. It is a Mario Bros-type affair with progressively more and faster enemies to defeat per stage, and randomized hazards (lightning bolts instead of fireballs), and regular bonus stages, but there is no grander structure.

Adventures Of Lolo

A neat puzzle game where you push objects around to create your path through a maze, or shield you from laser beams and other such hazards. We hear it has 50 mazes, and judging from the difficulty ramp-up early on, that should mean it'll last a good while.

None of the three games this weeks are of paramount importance, but they are all at least passable, and if the Shop Channel screenshots and the description manage to click with you, you won't get burnt by any of them. Balloon Fight is the most overpriced offering of the bunch though, as its structure is far too primitive now for 500 points.
Adventures Of Lolo is a far more substantial game, and would be our recommendation for this week. It's a healthy challenge for the mind, and very welcome as the first game of this sort on the Virtual Console.
Dead Moon is a good game, too, it merely has to cope with entrenched competition. Many good shmups are already out, and this is not the first one you will need to play. Make that either R-Type 3 or Soldier Blade (the latter is vertical though).


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