ron, May-18-2007

Snoring VC Friday

We're pretty late today covering the freshly available Virtual Console titles on the European Wii Shop Channel. Sony's Gamers' Day embargo is coming to an end, and we felt so compelled drowning ourselves in's footage that it messed up some of our meticulously planned day structure. Sorry for that. We're here now.

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

Donkey Kong Country 1 has been available for several moons, and while this game excels at being a sequel, it doesn't so much in other areas. You still rummage simple platforming courses collecting endless amounts of bananas. The low-res but prerendered backgrounds which were once deemed pretty darn impressive are now sadly bereft of that impact.

Mario & Yoshi

It's one of those puzzle games where stuff falls down from above and you try to line it up with stuff that already has fallen down to make it disappear, and amass big points.
In this case the Mario character at the bottom can be moved back and forth to swap two of the four columns of things. And there's two-player splitscreen for the competitive types.

And again we say pass totally.
Donkey Kong Country 2, like the first one we must say, is just a completely generic and irrelevant platformer, of the type that you can find in just about any game based on a kids' movie license. You don't need to play it. Your kids don't need to play it either. Its graphics were the only thing that made it stand out back when it was new.

Mario & Yoshi isn't all that bad, but there are so many games of this rough type that you've already played, that we don't think you particularly need this one. Doesn't help that its fiendishly ugly. There's nothing wrong with wanting one of these stack-the-falling-stuff games, but we'd recommend you have a go at Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine instead, or perhaps Dr Mario, if you're unafraid of transcending the boundaries of Virtual Console availability.


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