ron, May-11-2007

VC Friday robusta

Our obsession with the Wii Virtual Console seems to be a healthy thing overall. We now get up at 5am each Friday just to be ready for it. A little ritualistic structure, as long as you can keep with it and nobody gets hurt, is a great asset for sanity. The only worrisome thing about it is the pavlovian salivating that occurs when we detect the changes on the Shop Channel. So what do we get to quickly and unfairly judge today?

NES Open Tournament Golf

It does what you expect. It's Golf. It gives as much of a rendition of the sportactivity as you could want from an NES game, with multiple courses and game modes, different clubs, wind, but its core gameplay doesn't really stand the test of time. It's too digital and too clunky, compared to what you could play instead. E.g. there is a particular discipline in a particular pack-in that most European Wii owners should still have that plain beats it.
Even if you like yourself some golf, unless you're a historian there's little reason to not substitute it with a more modern golf game.

Ninja Spirit

Ninja spirit is a side-scrolling action game with a flexible and smooth combat system, unique power-ups and impressive boss fights. It does a few things that we now take for granted in the wider genre such as giving you multiple weapons with different attack ranges that each work well against only particular classes of enemies. It isn't a straight knock-off of Shinobi, because some of the play mechanics are different, but Shinobi is still the more well-rounded game in our opinion.

Honestly? Pass on both. Two solid little games here, but in their respective genres they are a ways back in the queue of things to consume. Shinobi isn't out yet, but it'll surely come, maybe Ninja Gaiden as well. Ninja Spirit is probably with us now to get it out of the way. It will not compete well once the two big names are released, and even now, if you broaden your requirements to just "side-scrolling action" (dump the Ninja bit), there are excellent alternatives for you, like, as usual, Zelda 2, or dare we say Castlevania IV.
So make this week your second chance for Mighty Bomb Jack – yes, we can smell it if you ignore games we told you not to! – and then wait for the next delivery.


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