ron, Apr-26-2007

VC Friday uncorked

The minute hand of our clock has gone through approximately 168 full rotations. Judging by the freshly released Virtual Console games on the Wii Shop Channel, it might really be another one of those European Friday mornings.

Mighty Bomb Jack

In this sequel to the pretty awesome Bomb Jack, the "collect these bombs in the correct order, fast, while dodging enemies" gameplay is kept intact, and extended with more typical side-scrolling action adventure levels. We think this is a pretty nifty game to have, even though we'd prefer the pure Bomb Jack experience, because that's the part we like playing the most.

Final Fight

A typical brawler with multiple playable characters and the default modern-day street-gang wars setting. It offers acceptable time-wasting okayness, but few surprises.

Battle Lode Runner

Lode Runner games are hybrid frenzy-stealth/action puzzle games that have you collect big money from intricately constructed stages while avoiding bad guys. Deemphasize killing and run.

Overall this week seems unusual, coming off a run of truly epic experiences, but it's not a bad round of games. They may not be completely awesome, but at least two of them are interesting, in that they offer some gameplay quirks that haven't been ripped off constantly for the last fifteen years. Floating around supported by your super-heroic cape is a good hobby, we believe, and Lode Runner somehow still manages to feel unique.


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