ron, Apr-20-2007

VC Friday and upwards

It's that time of the week again when new Virtual Console games get released on the European Wii Shop Channel. Shall we?

Donkey Kong Jr Math

It's just maths excercises for kids, presented in a way that kids might find more attractive than real-world paper and pencils. I'm assuming you're past this stage of your education, and hence recommend you'll pass.

Lylat Wars

Also known as Star Fox 64

A mostly-on-rails shooter where you blast polygonal little spaceships with your own polygonal little laser beams. It has some intereting elements such as protecting your wingmen or branching paths, so even though it came out of an era where most games were content with offering 3d graphics as their sole innovation, this one went a little further.
Still, it hasn't aged well and 1k points seems very expensive for a game with such an abstract presentation and so limited gameplay. It isn't completely terrible, but it isn't super-hot enough to justify a purchase we're afraid.

We're fully prepared to bear the feces flung by friends of the Fox, but our summary for this week would be to use the extra time afforded by the absence of important purchases to again spend serious thought on last week's Punch Out. Please.


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