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We've fallen a bit behind with our publishing frequency, but we have not been idle at all. You see, we often have many more images to show for a game than we can cram into our articles, and to alleviate that problem we have built ourselves a little gallery system. We have been testing that for a few days now and it seems to be good enough and we'll be sure to fill more content in there as time passes. At the moment we just are a little torn between adding our recent captures, or finishing a few previews first. We have lots of Chibi Robo deliciousness, a similar lot of Call Of Duty 2: Big Red One dreadfulness, and a bit of Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble awesomeness, but either way it needs to be screened for functional duplicates, spoilers and the like, so it's not a matter of just dumping everything we have into the system, all the while we'd also like to write a few things about these games, as all three of them are quite noteworthy, albeit for different reasons.
Anyway. We'll add stuff as it gets ready. For now you can already ingest collections of images of Dragon Quest 8 and Metroid Prime, in both cases many more than we had in the corresponding articles, and for kicks a few (old, not properly deinterlaced) Military Madness captures, just because the game needed a little more awareness.

Please note that the gallery has one of those anti-leech things built-in that checks your browser's "referer", so that hot-linking the images into your favourite forum will probably not work – it may appear to work, but that's because you have the images in your browser cache, but everyone else won't see a thing. In the same vein if you don't see a thing, it is most likely because your browser blocks the "referer", which is a configuration option you'd have to deactivate to see the goods here.
We're aware that there's large demand for proper hot-links with thumbnails and will probably work out how to offer that eventually, but for now you should use the page address straight from your browser's address field if you want to link to images in the gallery. Right-clicking one one of the thumbnails and selecting "Copy link address" will work just as well.

And while we added to our services today by opening the gallery to the public, we're also happy to announce end of service for a stubborn single-digit percentage minority today.
There is only one browser in the world that has "Internet" in its name. In one of its versions that browser will lose the entire content of our navigation pane when you dare to hover your mouse cursor over a link. It also has really bone-headed text size adjustments and many bugs in its layout engine, that caused us to give it special treatment for a while. But after seeing how the inexplicable nav panel black-out breaks the site, and after looking at all the time wasted on attempted support for this pile of rotten spaghetti, we have come to a final decision. Metaphorically it resembles this image:

A pulled plug

The plug has been pulled.

All special treatments are off, effective now.
If you happen to use that certain browser, you will now experience true fairness and balance, as what your browser receives is now exactly the same BCN code as every other browser, and what it displays exactly represents its adequacy for rendering said code.
If you happen to use the successor of that certain browser, rejoice, as now, with the special treatment gone, you'll experience the font sizes that make BCN look and flow as it has always been supposed to look and flow.

We all win today. I'll never have to waste time on that cruftiness cast into code again. As a result I will enjoy lowered levels of general anger and stress, and that will of course feed back into my writing. And those of you who have been part of the problem now have more incentive to adopt rational behaviour.


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