ron, Mar-02-2007

VC Friday-o-rama

Oooh, look, it's Friday!
You can always just log in to the shopping channel to find out what's what, but then you'd miss our asinine comments, deliberate misconceptions and spite.

Today Nintendo released, to the Wii Virtual Console, a peculiar mix of games. I'll section it off like this:
  • Streets Of Rage

    A side-scrolling brawler in approximate Golden Axe tradition, but better and in a more modern, urban setting.
  • Biohazard Battle

    A simple horizontal shmup with strange enemy design. You hate calamaries? This game allows you to shoot them.
These two are interesting because they might just be the first two acceptable Sega games on the Virtual Console. What a relief.

The TurboGrafx continues, week after week, to solidify its position as the best games console that nobody owned. This week brings us

Chew Man Fu

A colorful and loud puzzle game where you move characters through a maze, push items onto pressure plates and smack up enemies. The game stylistically plays foul with Asia, so if have to be absolutely pc, better ignore this. It'd be a shame though as the game itself is good stuff.

Sword Of Vermilion

Sega gives, and then it takes away. Sword Of Vermilion is exactly what you should expect from an old-style Sega RPG: it's mind-bogglingly unattractive, broken, poorly paced, and wrote the book titled "How not to design a game interface – piss everyone off in under five minutes". It's inconceivable how this unplayable junk could ever have been released, but here it is. Sheesh.


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