ron, Mar-23-2007

New article: European PS3 enchilada

As all of us should know by now, the European Playstation 3 doesn't have the full PStwo hardware inside to cover our backwards-compatibility needs, but instead shifts roughly half of that task over to a software emulator that runs on the Cell processor. There have been some premature tests that have certainly generated a satisfactory amounts of page-hits, but they wouldn't tell you how the situation looks with the complementary updated software in place.
Today we give you the real deal: day-one observation of a European retail PS3, delivered fresh from Amazon, and swiftly updated online to the brand-new firmware version 1.6.
Because we can.

A PStwo, a Wii, a brand new PS3 and a PC

Ah, such harmony is seldom seen. Can you spot the new arrival?

NOTE: we wanted to have something published quick, so the article is not necessarily done. We intend to add more details over the course of the day. On the plate is a full suite of backwards-compatibility tests with our library of PS2 games, video output options, power consumption and maybe a few words on media functionality. Have fun.

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