ron, Mar-24-2007

A classy weekend

Classic? Classy? Whatever.
The PS3 launch pushed us into the terribly-busy-sociopath state for the past couple of days, and we're glad it's over. We have completed testing the PS3's backwards-compatibility with all our PAL games, bringing the total up to 22. With that the product of the craze is now officially finished. You may look at it now. This posting also serves as the "we're done down" announcement for those that consume our RSS2 feed.

Something else happened this Friday, as usual for a Friday. There were two new games released for European Wii Virtual Console consumptionists, and no, we haven't forgotten that, we were just slightly tied up. Plese forgive us.


What can we say. Castlevania IV has been out for a good while, and the games are eerily similar, except of course that Castlevania IV is bigger, deeper, more polished, and has much nicer graphics. So if you always wanted to whip out your, err, whip and root out vampires while listening to nice music, please go for IV first. Castlevania I is a nice game, too, but by far not as nice. If you are done with IV and loved it, this may be worth it.

The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past

We have previously gone on record claiming that sometimes radical change is better than a game's fans can be trusted to understand, and the Zelda series is our most functional example. So yes, we certainly are disappointed that A Link To The Past is what it is: a top-down 2D maze crawler with a simplistic basic combat system. It's a conceptual step back, and it was taken because the fans wanted it.

However it is still an excellent game, and well worth playing.
You see, it's so well executed with all its unique and useful extra items, with poetic mixing-and-matching and of course a beautiful world, that we don't quite mind that Link's swordplay is so primitive.


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