ron, Feb-16-2007

Virtual Console Friday

It's Friday again, and predictably Nintendo has delivered another barrage of classic gaming for European Virtual Console addicts. The new stuff:

  • Excitebike. A fun little obstacle-course racer with jumps, boosts and the opportunity to smack your opponents for the NES. It's not quite a standard racing game though, as every course is perfectly straight. You're just working with the ramps, evading the mud and trying to find your balance when you land your jumps.
    It has a track editor, which we find pretty significant.
  • Kirby's Adventure. The first adventure of the fluffy floatable ball-hero with the unique superpower to swallow enemies and absorb their specialties as his own.
  • New Adventure Island for TurboGrafx. Honestly we don't know anything about it. It looks eerily like Wonder Boy though, a feeling that is well supported by the description in the Wii Shop channel. Hmm. We'd like a good, err, variant of Wonder Boy.
  • R-Type III for the Super NES. Argh! After being not so kind to its ancestor in our recent roundup we are not so well prepared to comment on this particular game. We hear it's much more accessible though, which would be good.
    When we compare this with Super Star Soldier vs Soldier Blade, it looks as if Nintendo made it a policy to get the "not-so-good predecessor" out for a while to grab some sales before the definitive version comes along.

With two excellent releases last week, Super Mario World and Zelda 2, we must say we are pleased with the current quality levels.


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