ron, Feb-12-2007

Sega legacy shock

We have dilly-dallied around the purchase of certain Mega Drive (aka Genesis) games that were dangled in front of our faces by the Wii's Virtual Console contraption for long enough and have now come to terms with that certain collection of, err, many Sega games from the era. Most of these terms, especially the nouns, were expletives though.

The initial discharge formed a thread on Beyond3d's forum, and all that is left now is a calm, considered disrespect for the approach Sega took towards video games. Let's get the good stuff out of the way first: the VC titles that are not on this collection, namely Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, Gunstar Heroes, Space Harrier II and Toe Jam & Earl, may run free. With no hands-on impressions we have no grounds to dislike them.

Most of these other Sega crown jewels fulfill three goals: 1)they are colorful; 2)there is a distinguished main character; 3)it moves when you poke it. It's hard to list all the faults and dysfunctions individually, so let us just recommend, trembling on our knees, that you resist any urge to acquire Altered Beast, Columns, Ecco, Ristar or Golden Axe on the Virtual Console. Sonic, in our refined opinion, is also a terribly broken game, but as noone ever listens to criticism of that game anyway, we want you to start with that if you want to ignore us. That way you'll at least have a handy point of reference: everything else we just named is much more broken.

We are quite undecided on the remaining titles. The Bonanza Bros seem to be an only slightly bad stealth-action game. Comix Zone is actually okay for an adventure brawler, in a not-earth-shattering way. Gain Ground plays like a slowed-down, cramped version of the "Combat" game mode in Advance Wars DS, which we hate ("Combat", certainly not Advance Wars DS per se). That might all be acceptable material if it suits your style. We don't feel like playing it though.
Just be thankful that you don't have to endure all the other games on that Sega collection, that are not available on the Virtual Console. Brrr.


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