Mission statement

Posted on Jan-05 2007 by ron

Mission shmission. We're doing this because we can. It seems to be a nice enough activity.

We wish to provide current and fair coverage for games that aren't exactly bleeding-edge brand-new, but will stare at you when you go shopping, or when you hook up to that newfangled games download service. They will intrigue you with attractive pricing, screaming cover art and generic screenshots. "I wonder if that's any good" you will think. Heh.

Sure you can go to just about any games review site and find information in the archives. However perspectives can change with time and distance. Some games age to become vintage, while others just get old or marginalized by their sequels and competitors. Some games end up underappreciated due to coming out at the wrong time, while in some cases the absence of marketing and pitching can make supposed "must-haves" look strangely unattractive. To get to the point, if you wish to know if a game is worth sinking time in now, that's what we're trying to write about here.

And who knows, maybe you simply have a use for yet another guy's opinion.

We're going to review games that play on the PS3, the Wii and the DS, and that includes noteworthy PSX/PS2/Gamecube/GBA/etc games that run in backwards-compatibility or emulation modes on these machines. We might smuggle in a PC game or two eventually.

Be forewarned that we are going to apply a weathered hard-core gamer perspective here. Yours truly has been playing video games in the arcades and at home for some 23 years now, and some things just stick. In practical terms that means we don't particularly mind ever-improving presentation and a nicely done story here and there, but there's no chance that we'll forgive a broken core mechanic for a beautiful shell. We are not among those who are already awed by merely an interesting or cool experience. Keep that in mind when comparing our ratings to someone else's.

We're taking a low-stress approach to reviewing. Games will be covered as we play them, and because we don't need to force-finish the review just in time for a game's release, we can be thorough and let it all sink in before passing judgement. We'll also try and properly complete games, sidequests and all, as far as sanity will carry us at least, because that's what gamers do. If a game has 300 hours of optional content all of which stinks we'll probably find out.

Coverage on this website is not to be had with money, presents or special treatment. All of the games we want to write about have been bought, in a store or online, for a non-zero price, because they seemed interesting enough to be played.

As we only cover what we wanted to play anyway, there is no claim to completeness. There are genres, styles and entire platforms that we don't find attractive to begin with, and if we were to force ourselves through there, it is doubtful that we could produce fair reviews in the process.

We'll try to make some of the effort put into the writing and maintenance of the site back by running low-annoyance ads. We'd appreciate if you not block them out, and instead if one should appear that is intrusive, please tell us about it so that we have a chance to fix it on our end.

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