Hello World!

Posted on Jan-03 2007 by ron

Ahoi! And how the heck did you end up here?
Welcome to back-catalog.net, a game re-review project that has been brewing in a corner of my mind for some time, and is now finally turning into a real-world consumable. Game reviews, rants and ruckus is the tentative motto, and while that may change (without notice ha!) once something even less revolting is found, it should already give you a rough idea of what awaits you, should you decide to return.

Manners shmanners. On to the introduction.
Turn the kids away and have a look at the versatile acting face of your host.

plaza de miipointer-nose contactready to bowlracketeering

From left to right: the bored, playful, hopeful and highly focused facial expressions.

It is by coincidence that yours truly has been playing a bit of Wii Sports lately, so the above was pretty low-hanging fruit. Still, that's pretty much me, just short of really being me. Age 29, early exposure to arcade games (age six maybe), an Amstrad CPC, NES, Amiga 500, a 33MHz 486 PC and on (and off) to various other, more recent stuff. And I'm still not sick of playing. I suppose that means I'm a gamer.

How exactly this gaming history shaped my personal taste and technical preference shall remain undisclosed for now. There are already a mission statement and a review system breakdown moving through the pipeline, so no need for wasting so many words now on questions that will be answered in great detail soon™. However, there's surely a reason for this website's name.

In slightly more unrelated matters, having access to all these computer thingagums during my youth prompted me to turn into somewhat of a programmer (C, C++, Java, PHP, x86/MMX/SSE/ARM/whatever assembler *winkwink*). I also have at one point done some semi-regular writing for a German print mag, about 3d graphics hardware and rendering techniques. But that's not what I want to be doing here, of course, it's just to help you believe that I'm not a random game-loving retard. Hope it works. Just you wait til you catch me on a forum, frothing at the mouth. Oh well.

So that's me, ron, for purposes of this site. Maybe other persons manage to get off their behinds and join the fun and labour, but for now it's just me running the gig alone.

That should be sufficiently embarassing to wrap it up now. Happy zeroth burfday to my new website! Yipii!

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